October 27, 2017
8 months and 19 days since
the event.
St. Michael School has been a tradition of excellence since 1873.  These words sum up the soul of St. Michael School.  Excellence in teaching children the values of their faith.  Excellence in academics, teaching each child to strive to be the best he/she can possibly be.  Excellence in preparing children to be successful in high school and beyond.  And, excellence in educating leaders who go on to become committed members of the community.

On October 27, 2017 St. Michael School will be hosting our annual Exercise for Education (E4E) Challenge, an obtacle course event to raise funds for our school.  This event is geared towards inspiring the children to live a more active and healthy lifestyle by promoting healthy habits focusing on exercise, eating right, concentration and self-confidence.  This is a major fundraising event to support the school's educational programs.

Due to the religious affiliation of our school, we receive no direct federal or state aid to assist us in achieving our goals and we rely heavily on fundraising activities to supplment our school budget.  We know that we are living in financially challenging times and hope that you will consider this a worthy cause.  We are very proud of our school and the values that we instill.  With your help we can continue to offer a nurturing and academically challenging environment that teaches our children strong values and meaning of community spirit.
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